Exhibitor Case Study: Roeville

Next up in our exhibitor case study series is John from Roeville, who tells us about his exhibiting experience at BTTS, including how to prepare and utilise the meeting planner at the show…

How did you first get involved with BTTS?
Roeville first exhibited with BTTS some 12 years ago, in the days when it was called the British Travel Trade Fair – back before it morphed into Bobi (Best of Britain & Ireland).

How do you prepare for BTTS?
We strive to offer a warm welcome to new and existing customers so we can present and demonstrate the superb software we supply to the industry. With this in mind, the team at Roeville begin weekly ‘Show Time’ meetings six months or more in advance of the major trade exhibitions. This allows plenty of opportunity to brainstorm fresh ideas and ensure that all aspects of the show plus the logistics are well thought through. Decisions about product announcements, marketing materials, stand build, staffing, accommodation and transport are all planned well ahead to ensure we have a quality presence at the show.

Do you utilise the meeting planner?
Yes, we find this a very useful tool for customers – new and existing – to request appointments during BTTS. We wish more visitors would engage through the planner as the majority tend to just turn up on the day and we sometimes struggle to deal with the numbers at peak periods. The planner allows us to balance the schedule and ensure dedicated and quality time for a visitor if we know they’d like to have an in-depth discussion about our products and services.

With 3,000 attendees and 270 exhibitors, is there a cost benefit in meeting all your contacts under one roof?
Absolutely! The biggest cost benefit for Roeville is time. With clients in all corners of the UK and into Europe, it can be quite a task visiting them in person. BTTS allows us a unique annual opportunity to meet many of the industry’s key players in one place over a two day period.

Why is BTTS an important event for the travel trade industry?
In the modern commercial environment so much business is conducted via email and over the phone. While technology will always be paramount for Roeville, we are of the firm belief that face-to-face contact and a firm handshake with our customers is more important than ever before.

The travel industry is constantly on the go and it can be difficult to find time out of the office to have meaningful discussion with operators and suppliers. This is where BTTS is crucial for us and our valued customers. It provides quality time away from distracting emails and phone calls to directly engage with the industry. We find this hugely important.

Overall, how would you evaluate your experience? Will you be exhibiting again?
We certainly will be exhibiting again – you don’t get rid of us that easily I’m afraid! We have an excellent relationship with the organising team and continue to find the show good value for money, so we hope to be exhibiting at BTTS for a long time to come.

The British Tourism & Travel Show, the leading exhibition dedicated to the domestic tourism industry returns to NEC Birmingham on 20-21 March. To find out more about exhibiting, please contact Lloyd Jones on [email protected] or 01733 889684.  

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